My first Safari Zoo Run

I haven’t been to the zoo in years and I’ve been looking for a new race route.

So I took part in the Safari Zoo Run 12km challenge this morning.

Flag-off was 7.10am for the second wave.

The 12km route was two loops around the zoo. My right heel hurt in the beginning due to plantar fasciitis but less so later in the run.

The runner in front was wearing a ostrich suit but didn’t fully commit.

Not actual animals.

Chawang the elephant.

Miami Vice flamingos.

“Pandas” at the start of the second loop.

For the second loop, I decided take more photos of the animals since I was getting too tired to run continuously anyway.

White Lion had a big hit with When The Children Cry in the late 80s.

A hippo and a failed hipster (me).

5km to go.

Rubbernecking with the giraffe.

Crossing the zebra.

Cheetah Rivera.

4km to go.

Horny rhino.

Them again.

2km to go.

Trunkin’ on.

End of second loop.

Almost there.


Relive ‘Safari Zoo Run’

After the race, my heel really hurt.

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