Standard Chartered half marathon: My last race? (Yes, I’ve said that before)

I had decided not to join the Standard Chartered half marathon again after the last one.

But this year, it would be held at night for the first time. That got me interested even though I hadn’t enjoyed night races in the past like the Marina Run and Sundown Marathon. I wanted to see how Standard Chartered would do it differently.

The weather yesterday evening was cloudy and cool, which was great for running. Some complained about the humidity, but I was used to it.

The turnout was huge.

Flag-off was 6pm, but I didn’t cross the starting line until 6.20pm.


I bumped into someone I know from my navy in-camp training back in the day. I don’t remember his name. I was impressed he was doing the full marathon.




On Cecil Street.



I managed to get a blurry picture of Soh Rui Yong, who was the first Singaporean to finish the full marathon. Quite a number of runners were ahead of him, presumably non-Singaporeans.



This year’s half marathon route was similar to last year’s, going from the F1 Pit Building to West Coast Highway and back.

A random Elvis impersonator near Vivocity.




13km, just before the U-turn.

14km, heading back.





This was where I was very glad I didn’t join the full marathon. I couldn’t imagine going another 21km.


Her shirt says: “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong”. Does this count as a demonstration? Call the police!



Finish line in sight.

My last medal?

Not my best half marathon time, but 10 minutes faster than last year. So I guess I can retire from racing on a positive note.

So long.

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